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Hi, I'm Joe Skeen, the founder of World-Class Engineers. I have over 20 years professional software development experience spanning many industries. I've worn many hats, including front-end and back-end application engineer, build and release management, automated testing engineer, product manager, technical lead, engineering director, and more. What really drives me is the desire to help good software engineers become better, and that's why I started World-Class Engineers.

An important thing I've learned over my career is that you cannot allow yourself to stagnate. It's vital that you as a software engineer both aquire new skills and hone your existing ones on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be hard to make the time to do this, though. Pressure from the business to deliver more and faster often discourages us from investing in ourselves, stifling our growth. But continuous learning will help you work smarter, and avoid having more stress later from coding yourself into a corner.

I also know that the longer you are on a team, the more siloed your knowledge becomes. While deep understanding of the business domain is valuable, you can also greatly benefit from a fresh outside perspective. Learning a new language, framework, or design pattern can help you break free from routine thought patterns and work smarter, not harder.

As a mentor and leader, I am committed to your happiness and success in your software development career. Let me help you unlock your potential and become the best engineer you can be!

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